Our Vision




    Imagine a company that solves all your technology problems. We are currently doing just that for our clients.  Our satisfied customers have sought our expertise in home  automation, computer system configuration, software installation, internet access, web design, problem solving, integrated home  and office safety mechanisms, water treatment plant systems design and operation. 


    If your needs relate to technology,  EnSoCorp will meet them.  We will be your personal Computer Department. We build systems, install software, design custom applications, create web access via the Internet and perform a host of other uniquely custom activities.


    We are a single source provider of information technology products, services and support.  We specialize in developing and implementing custom solutions for individuals and organizations seeking professional technology consulting services.  Our full suite of service and support offerings are uniquely designed to provide the complete solution.  Yet these remain flexible enough to meet the changing needs of any individual or organization.  No matter how large or small your needs, ours will be the most cost effective and productive solution.


    We are a personal company Everything you can find at  impersonal on-line and highway stores you can find here.  We offer competitive pricing - but we add the personal touch.  In addition to the provision of hardware and software, we add installation, configuration, training, support and supplies.  Plus, we can supply you with your Internet service.  We provide all the amenities for less than the "big guys."  


    We solve problems. Period.  We engineer a complete solution to any problem you encounter.  Our expertise is broad.  Our work is thorough and will meet your requirements.  For more details, contact us.  We look forward to serving you.